Red Robin Therapy

Depth psychology practice

Depth psychology

We are only aware of a small part of what happens in our psyche; the major part takes place in the unconscious. To really know yourself, you need to gain insight into what lives in your unconscious. Depth psychology can help with this.


About me

I’m Greetje Bron-Knecht and as a qualified analytic therapist I guide people who feel stuck professionally and would like to experience more meaning in their work. I am also an accredited RAPP® and CADT® consultant.

For whom?

For anyone who...


... has the feeling that life has lost it's meaning,

... feels exhausted and burntout,  

... doesn't know what their next career move will be.



Workshops can be held on location or in the practice of Red Robin Therapy. I run these small group workshops together with Maron Galama, a fellow depth psychologist.   


Practical information

Here's where you will find all the practical information regarding Red Robin Therapy - Depth Psychology Practice. How to reach the practice, insurance reimbursements, rates, and more.