Depth psychology

How can a depth psychologist help?

Depth psychology is designed for anyone who is in need of psychological support through coaching and psychotherapy. Perhaps you can identify with one, or more, of the following questions:

  • Why do I feel so tired?
  • Why do I feel anxious and tense?
  • Why don't I enjoy my work anymore?
  • Am I suffering from burnout?

These are not questions where you can give a simple answer.


Do you feel stuck or have you reached a deadlock with your job or your relationship and have no idea how to improve or change the situation? Do you no longer get along with your boss or colleagues? Do you show the world a smiling face, but on the inside you feel sad and lonely and have no idea how to deal with any of this?


I would be happy to guide you so that together we can find the answers. For each of us the answer will be unique, but from experience I know that the answers are there.


Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung were important founders of depth psychology. Jung called his version of depth psychology Analytical Psychology. It is about becoming who you really are. Jung calls this the way to your deepest self, the way of individuation. To really get to know yourself, it is necessary to also gain insight into what lives in our unconscious. We are only aware of a small part of what is happening in our psyche; the major part takes place in the unconscious. Here is the hidden treasure that can help us gain more insight into ourselves.


The Professional Association for Jungian therapists (JVATN) describes analytical therapy as follows:


"It is a form of therapy in which the analysis of unconscious processes is key. An important principle of analytical psychology is self-discovery. In this process, individual development is important, so that every person can be the person he/she is essentially and can do what suits him/her. The therapeutic work is based on the principle that the unconscious that needs to be integrated in the conscious life can be found by means of symbolic images/contents."

Only with the heart can you see clearly, the essential is invisible to the eyes!

Source: The Little Prince, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry