For whom?


Everyone who...

...has the feeling that life doesn't have much more to offer - Meaning


...feels exhausted and doesn't know how they can drag themselves to work anymore - Burnout


...feels depressed and insecure - Depression


Client References

Meaning and Personal Development

Lea, 60 years: I thought I had "put everything in place," "faced my issues", "mastered cognitive skills," but didn't understand why I got so trapped in my grief and how to move on.
With Greetje I dared to look into these matters. Through her insight, understanding, knowledge, skillful exercises and loving (read: without judgment) conversations I have found myself again and I feel more liberated and happier now in life than before. I look at my future with confidence, whatever it may bring.

Monique, 47 years: The conversations with Greetje have provided a lot of clarity. She looks for answers in places where I have never looked before. I started researching these angles with her and thereby got to know myself better. Slowly I have regained the connection with myself.


Nicole, 32 years: In the recovery phase of my burnout, the regular psychologist told me I was better. However, this felt completely different for me. There were still too many triggers and themes that put me off my track. In my opinion, these triggers and themes needed to be explored. I wanted to gain meaning again and come back to myself, because somewhere over the years I had lost myself quite a bit. That's how I ended up at Red Robin Therapy.
During the sessions Greetje and I not only had conversations, but I also did an assessment, made drawings and Greetje used Hypnosis exercises. Because of this I found out that the themes I was already familiar with turned out to go much further and deeper. I never felt good enough, from early on in my childhood and there was always the lack of an emotional connection with my parents. The feeling of not being good enough or of being unimportant and the behavior I learned because of it kept me in a lonely place. Thanks to the therapy I became aware of where the feeling comes from and I was able to give it a place.
I noticed that I am able to bloom again and that the feeling that used to be so strong has only become a very small dot. I am more powerful again and I am more in touch with myself. Without the therapy I would never have gotten this far. It has helped me a lot and I am therefore very satisfied with both the therapy and Greetje herself.


Saskia, 48 years old and works in youth care. Living with her husband and adolescent daughter. Has not been comfortable with herself for several years. Depressed, increasingly insecure in contact with others. Tired and she regularly has questions about the meaning of her life.

About the therapy at Greetje;
Greetje can make me think with her questions, so that I myself come to insights that apply to me. And that is very effective. Because this makes me increasingly aware of my feelings in daily life and how they are connected with previous experiences. "Only with your heart you can see," she writes.

By daring to take my feelings seriously, I can respond better and make better decisions for myself in situations.


Greetje does not judge and does not provide solutions, but we do go together and through all the questions I get more and more insight into who I really am in essence.

After completing the therapy, I feel much more balanced, I know myself better and I recognize my reaction patterns. And when I feel less well at times, I know better how to help myself. I have a much faster understanding of what is happening and therefore have less problems with situations because I can choose how I deal with them. This therapy has been one of the best investments for me.