Workshops are held on location or in the practice of Red Robin Therapy - Depth Psychology Practice. I conduct these small group workshops together with one or more of my fellow depth psychologists.


Personal development

Journey to your self

In this multi-day workshop, we seek the Self through the C.A.D.T.®, a diagnostic tool which gives visibility to the individual energetic processes, such as the unconscious driver and recurring patterns.


We work in small groups of six people, so there is ample attention for each participant and each other.


Investment: €550 p.p., inclusive BTW, C.A.D.T.® report, and venue.

Discover your personal Myth

In this one-day workshop, you will discover your personal myth. The day is filled with stories and drawings.


Minimum 6 participants


Investment: €200 inclusive BTW and venue.


Getting the Why clear

This workshop is intended for management teams or self-employed individuals who would like to work on the inspiration behind their business.


What is the purpose of your business? What does your company offer the world? What is your mission or vision? What are the (unconscious) competences of the participants? Is everyone undertaking the role that best matches his or her qualities?


Through a choice of the Socratic method, the C.A.D.T.®, creative exercises, and 'lightening' sessions, we bring you where you really want to be with your company.



Investment: €2,000 per day plus tax, venue, and expenses (maximum six participants).